New exhibit of plaster cast hands of artists.

Now you can see some of our collection of plaster cast hands of artists who visited museum for the events.

We modeled them at the museum on the day they visited.

(Autographs are the dummies)

The picture below shows you how we made them. We modeled artist's arm with them holding pencil shaped object. It only takes a few minutes in the liquid plaster.

(Miyazaki Hayao Sep 29, 2009)

 ◆Miyazaki Hayao has come! Special talk with museum executive director (Sep 28, 2009)
 ◆"Love Mani" Ideal wife for otaku boys. (Feb 12, 2011)

You can see these artist's plaster casts listed below out of 60 we collected since museum was opened 5 years ago.

(Not in particular order)
Takemiya Keiko, Imamura Yoko, Tomoe Satoo, Kitajima Yoko, Takahashi Makoto, Maki Miyako, Hatsu Akiko, Hamano Yuka, Yamada Akihiro, Ito Risa, Saso Akira, Yoshida Sensha, Sugaya Mitsuru, Yoro Takeshi, MOEBIUS, JC. MEZIERES, P.CHRISTIN, Loustal, Éric Liberge, Marc-Antoine Mathieu and Nicolas de Crécy.

You can see the past events here
【Past exhibitions and events】

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You also can see these artist's autographs on the wall in the museum cafe near the entrance on the ground floor.

Please enjoy it while you have meals at the museum cafe MM.

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the manga museum, we are offering a free soft drink (hot or iced coffee, hot or iced tea, coke, orange juice, apple juice and ginger ale) when you order a meal (MM lunch, pasta, rice in omelet, curry and kid's meal).
*Until December 27, 2011

 【Memorial plaster cast hands】exhibition
 Venue : 2nd floor corridor from the executive director room to gallery 6
 Number of artists :21 (now)

You can see an article about plaster cast on Asahi Newspaper.
(only in Japanese).

<お宝★発見> 漫画家の「手首」 京都精華大(朝日新聞 2008.3.28)