Japan expo 2016 in Paris report 01

I am Horiguchi itsu from portrait corner.

As I mentioned in the last portrait team’s blog, I and Kasumin participated in the Kyoto city booth at Japan Expo in Paris from July 7th until 10th.

I will report about the expo with Kasumin for 4 days from today!!

So, this was the day first.
“Such a big venue!!” we were so excited walking through the venue toward to Kyoto city booth.

Then we arrived at the Kyoto city booth! This is the stage where dance and samurai performances were held.

This was a section where you can test and learn about tea.

Rimpa exhibition and Kimono trial section.

Ink wash painting workshop… many things from Kyoto!

So, this was where we were.

You can see Kasumin getting nervous in this picture.

There were many people cueing at the information area!

Our day was just about to start then.
To be continued…