Japan expo 2016 in Paris report 02

Today I will make a report about the actual day of Japan Expo!

AM9:00 Japan Expo started!

Many many people!

Of course, there were the booths treating anime and manga... and, the area where you can play card games!

Big statue of characters...

and comic foreground!
Many visitors seemed enjoying their time!

Of course we were busy making portraits too!
We wanted to people to see how we draw so we decided to sit on the other side. As a result, many people stopped by and saw us making portraits!

The moment of Kasumin feeling the gazes.

customer smiling nicely too!

Other Kyoto activities were very popular too!

Kimono trial section.

Ink wash painting workshop where you can learn to draw bamboos.

Tutor marking on the drawing.

I was happy to see people enjoying being interested in Japanese culture!
I will introduce people visited portrait section next!

To be continued...